Calcitonin and Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA) Doubling Time

Indicates progression of disease in cancer patients.

Based on available data, it is recommended to use a minimum of 4 calcitonin values preferably spread over a 2 year period. For a valid result, it is essential that all the calcitonin results have been obtained from the same laboratory and assay.

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3

Test 4

Test 5

Test 6


Source: Miyauchi A, Onishi T, Matsuzuka F, Hirai K, Kuma K, Takai S, Nakamoto K, Nakamura K, Nanjo S, Maeda M. [Prognostic values of the doubling time of serum carcinoembryonic antigen and calcitonin levels in medullary thyroid carcinoma]. Gan No Rinsho. 1986 Oct;32(12):1519-24. Japanese. PMID: 3783976.