Medical Societies

Partnering With Over 45
Leading Medical Associations.

Partnering with over 45 leading medical associations to deliver turnkey guidelines dissemination programs that exceed outreach objectives, provide member benefits, generate royalty income, and improve overall outcomes.

Risk-Free Partnership

  • Greater adherence to guideline recommendations to help improve patient outcomes
  • Wide dissemination to a global audience of nearly 1 million clinicians
  • Guidelines in multiple formats – mobile apps, interactive calculators, pocket guides, etc.
  • Non-dues revenue generation
  • Exclusive benefits for association members

The Process

#1 Develop

We work with 45+ leading medical societies and hundreds of KOLs to develop their guidelines into clinician-preferred quick reference tools and educational programs.

#2 Disseminate

The recommendations are converted to more digestible formats and disseminated as paper pocket guides, digital toolkits, multimedia and independent medical education programs.

#3 Implement

The result is a credible educational tool that helps deliver the critical recommendations to clinicians – educating HCPs, raising awareness for the best practices and improving outcomes for patients and all stakeholders involved.

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