Computable Guidelines for EHRs

Translating Guideline Recommendations into Clinical Decision Support for EHRs

Data-driven and digitized computable clinical decision-support systems integrated within EHRs can provide clinicians with valuable insights, workflows and customized pathways on an organizational level to aid in making decisions based on the latest evidence in patient care settings.

FHIR and CQL Resources

  • Infrastructure that supports translation of guideline recommendations from narrative into FHIR artifacts and supporting CQL libraries.

  • Searchable FHIR definitions and CQL library repository.

  • An API supporting implementation of guideline recommendations via SMARTon-FHIR and CDS-Hooks technologies.

Meta Data

Over 150 standardized pieces of meta data applied at the document (guideline) level, as well as the recommendation level, including ICD10, CPT, SNOMED, Action Types, Inclusion Criteria and much more.


  • Guideline search based on Context-Aware Knowledge Retrieval (InfoButton) standard.

  • Enables guideline search and retrieval based on patient data available in EHR and patient-facing web portals and mobile applications.

NLP and AI

User and programmatically driven full-text and metadata-specific search powered by Solr and NLP platforms.

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