Occupationally Mandated Psychological Evaluations

Publication Date: February 24, 2017
Last Updated: March 14, 2022

Guideline Statements

Preparing for an OMPE

  • Statement 1: Psychologists strive to understand the referring party’s authority for mandating the evaluation and the legitimacy of a particular referral, prior to conducting the evaluation.
  • Statement 2: In addressing the referral question(s), psychologists endeavor to apply the criterion standard as defined by statutory, regulatory, administrative, and/or other authoritative sources.
  • Statement 3: Psychologists seek to understand the psychologically relevant demands and working conditions of the examinee’s position.
  • Statement 4: Psychologists strive to support conclusions about the job-relevance of a psychological condition with established scientific and professional knowledge.
  • Statement 5: Psychologists endeavor to understand and meet their responsibilities to the referral source, the examinee, and other relevant parties to the evaluation.
  • Statement 6: Psychologists are mindful of the importance of maintaining competence when carrying out all phases of the evaluation.

Conducting an OMPE

  • Statement 7: Psychologists strive to ensure their impartiality when conducting occupationally mandated evaluations, as well as when forming their opinions.
  • Statement 8: Psychologists seek to select and rely on assessment tools validated for use with a population appropriate to the evaluation.
  • Statement 9: Psychologists endeavor to recognize individual and group differences, and the importance of practicing with cultural competence.
  • Statement 10: Psychologists strive to use multiple sources of relevant and reliable information collected according to established principles and methods.

Communicating OMPE Findings

  • Statement 11: Psychologists strive to provide opinions and make recommendations that are directly relevant to the referral question(s).
  • Statement 12: Psychologists seek to document the bases for their opinion(s) in language that is clear and appropriate to the targeted audience.
  • Statement 13: When the referral source or another party is responsible for determining the ultimate issue in a referral, psychologists strive to educate and inform rather than answer the ultimate issue.

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Occupationally Mandated Psychological Evaluations

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