Screening, Treatment, and Management of Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders in Adults Using Oral Appliance Therapy

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October 10, 2022

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Oral appliance therapy is a proven, effective treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and snoring. With more than 54 million adults having OSA in the United States, dentists play an integral role in increasing access to care for those with undiagnosed and untreated OSA. These standards outline an approach to patient management that underscores the collaborative care that is necessary between dentists and physicians and provides guidance for patient examination, patient screening, treatment management, education, and follow-up care. Although this article provides best practices for dental sleep medicine as it currently exists, the fluid and dynamic nature of DSM should be recognized, with the understanding that periodic updates to these standards will be required.

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Male, Female, Adult, Older adult

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Ambulatory, Home health

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Dentist, nurse, nurse practitioner, physician, physician assistant


Assessment and screening, Treatment, Management

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D020181 - Sleep Apnea, Obstructive


obstructive sleep apnea, sleep apnea, oral appliance therapy, sleep-related breathing, dental sleep medicine

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