Treatment of Psoriatic Arthritis

Publication Date: November 30, 2018
Last Updated: December 15, 2022

Table 1. Recommendations for the Initial Treatment of Patients With Active PsA Who Are OSM- and Other Treatment-Naïve

In OSM- and other treatment–naïve patients with active PsA:

Treat with a TNFi biologic over an OSM (MTX, SSZ, LEF, CSA, or APR)

May consider an OSM if the patient does not have severe PsA, does not have severe psoriasis, prefers oral therapy, has concern over starting a biologic as the first therapy, or has contraindications to TNFi biologics, including congestive heart failure, previous serious infections, recurrent infections, or demyelinating disease. ( Conditional , Low )

Table 2. Recommendations for Treatment of Patients With Active PsA Despite Treatment With an OSM

In adult patients with active PsA despite treatment with an OSM



Treatment of Psoriatic Arthritis

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