How Often Do HCPs Reference Clinical Practice Guidelines? For What Use Cases? What Are The Most Preferred Formats? How Do HCPs Learn About New Guidelines? Full-Text Guidelines VS. Summarized Versions?

Research on Clinical Practice Guidelines: HCP Preferences, Usage, Preferred Formats, Adherence, & Strategies to Promote Guideline Implementation.

We asked all these questions to clinicians spanning from various clinical specialties and professions. We then measured, analyzed and compared the data and results to similar surveys conducted in past years. The research identified the most widely used guideline implementation tools, dissemination channels and how usage preferences have evolved over the years.

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Some of the key questions we asked to get a better understanding on how clinicians use guidelines and the frequency for each use case is “How often do you reference clinical practice guidelines for the following use cases (Decision-Support, Quick Refresher, Training & Education, Clinical Documentation & Billing/Coding, Quality Improvement Programs and CME)?”

Decision-support at point of care was the most frequent use case when it comes to referencing clinical practice guidelines but the most surprising and polarizing use case is for clinical documentation, coding and billing that is frequently used by one out five clinicians.

We found that almost all clinicians find significant value in clinical practice guidelines and strongly agree that guidelines influence the way they practice medicine.

For example, we’ve learned that guideline recommendation summaries in various formats are some of the most highly valued and utilized guideline derivative products. We also looked at how other derivative products such as videos, webinars, infographics as well as many others are perceived and valued.

Out of the 96% of clinicians that value guidelines in infographics format, 84% found that infographics to be at least ‘Useful’. In fact, almost every guideline derivative product reported as “Useful” by 85% of clinicians or more.

Not only did the research help us gain a better understanding on how clinicians value and engage with clinical practice guidelines but also the sources they follow to learn about the latest published or updated guidelines.

Medical society websites and guideline library websites, such as Guideline Central, were by far the top two sources for staying informed of new and updated guidelines whereas Employer Organizations scored second lowest, which demonstrates that there is an opportunity for more organizations to take a proactive stance with guideline dissemination.

We asked clinicians if they are able to keep up to date with every clinical guideline published related to their specialty area. We learned that it takes most clinicians a month, and sometimes more, to learn about newly updated or published clinical guidelines.

We also learned that pharmaceutical, medical device and other industry organizations play an important and vital role in the support of guideline dissemination.

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