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FDA Updates – New Drug Approvals from Q3 2020

This blog series provides regular updates on new pharmaceutical products approved, new indications, and any other relevant changes. The new therapies in the list below may ultimately lead to new guideline updates in the future. You can find the recap or notable FDA drug changes (AdCom, PDUFDA, etc.) for July – September 2020 below. If Read More

We Want To Hear Your Thoughts On the Next Generation of Guidelines-Based Clinical Decision Support!

Later this year Guideline Central will be releasing the next evolution of our guidelines-based decision-support platform. We expect to launch sometime in Q2, and it will be our most signifcant evolution yet. Some of the new features and enhancements to expect: new interfaces for finding, referencing and implementing guidelines recommendation-level searching and filtering advanced search Read More

FDA Updates from August 2019

We’re starting a new blog series to update you on recent FDA drug approvals, new indications, and other changes! You can find the recap or notable FDA drug changes for August 2019 below. If we are missing information or you’d like more information about one of the noted changes, feel free to contact us. Product Read More

What Do You Know About the 2011 NAM Standards?

The organization previously known as Institute of Medicine (IOM), now known as The National Academy of Medicine (NAM), released standards for systematic reviews in March of 2011. Since its release, these 2011 IOM Standards (now 2011 NAM Standards) have been the bar in which many organizations and guideline developers operate by when creating guidelines. While Read More

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The Future of Clinical Guidelines – Looking Ahead 5-10 Years Into the Future

Clinical practice guidelines have been a staple in the medical community for the past three decades and there are thousands of current guidelines available for various topics in the United States alone. The process for developing, disseminating and implementing guidelines has evolved substantially since the first guideline was published over 30 years ago. How will Read More

Appraising and Scoring Clinical Practice Guidelines for Trust and Quality – The Good, The Bad and The Confusing

Increased pressure to provide high-quality, evidence-based care has driven the rapid proliferation of clinical practice guidelines and thousands of new and updated medical guidelines from hundreds of medical societies and government organizations are published each year. This dramatic increase in the number of published guidelines gives  healthcare providers more evidence to consider when managing their Read More

An Introduction to Clinical Practice Guidelines for Medical Students

An Introduction to Clinical Practice Guidelines for Medical Students – Whether you are an aspiring physician, nurse, pharmacist, or other allied healthcare professional, at some point you will need to familiarize yourself with clinical practice guidelines. This article will take a look at exactly what clinical guidelines are, why they are created, and most importantly, why Read More

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