The 2024 Vascular Annual Meeting (VAM24) will be held from June 19-22 in Chicago, Illinois. It is the Society of Vascular Surgery’s (SVS) premier meeting, offering a wealth of valuable scientific content tailored for every member of the vascular care team.

If you have not already done so, we recommend registering here for this year’s meeting. It will provide the opportunity to enhance your career, expand your professional network, gain insights from industry experts, and acquire the essential knowledge needed to enhance patient care.

Listed below are some of the essential sessions at VAM24 focusing on aortic disease, including aortic aneurysms and aortic surgery. The sessions are arranged in chronological order for your convenience.

Visceral Artery Aneurysms: Modern Insights and Current Dilemmas

  • Date: 6/19/24 @ 12:30 pm
  • Location: West Building, Level 1, W183bDescription: Visceral artery aneurysms, while uncommon, are of significant clinical importance due to their potential for rupture and associated high mortality. The management of these aneurysms requires an understanding of the anatomy, associated literature as well as mastery of both open and endovascular techniques. This session is designed to provide an in-depth exploration of visceral artery aneurysms, highlighting modern repair strategies, unique challenges, and case-based insights.

Clinical Guidelines Discrepancies Between the Society for Vascular Surgery and European Society for Vascular Surgery

  • Date: 6/19/24 @ 3:15 pm
  • Location: West Building, Level 1, W183c
  • Description: The respective journals of the SVS and ESVS publish clinical guideline recommendations on a regular schedule. Except for the recent Global Vascular CLTI Guidelines, the production and release of these guidelines are not coordinated or managed between the societies. Often recommendations differ between these societal guidelines (example: 2021 SVS vs. 2023 ESVS Carotid guidelines) or leave gaps or content areas unaddressed (2022 SVS Varicose Veins Part I vs. 2022 ESVS Chronic Venous Disease of the Lower Extremities) or unilaterally define new content areas unique to a specific society (ESVS Guidelines on Vascular Access). Particularly since many SVS members and VAM attendees do not review ESVS guideline updates on a regular basis, a Postgrad session devoted to examining differences between respective societal guidelines may provide unique insights into current patient care controversies.

Contemporary Issues in the Management of Ruptured Aortic Aneurysms

  • Date: 6/20/24 @ 1:30 pm
  • Location: West Building, Level 1, W183a
  • Description: Management of ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms (RAAA) has evolved over time with the introduction of new surgical techniques. However, RAAA continues to be a highly fatal condition with a wide range of presentations, operative and hospital courses, and outcomes. In addition, much of the discussion of RAAA in the recent past has been on the surgical treatment method, ie open vs endovascular repair. Recently, more attention has been paid to adjunctive issues including regionalization and transfer, operative volume/outcome associations, anesthesia administration, protocolization, and pathophysiology including multiple organ failure and scoring systems for risk prediction. RAAA are one of the biggest most time-critical emergencies faced by nearly all practicing vascular surgeons.

Decision-Making and Endovascular Techniques in Challenging Aortic Aneurysms

  • Date: 6/20/24 @ 3:30 pm
  • Location: West Building, Level 1, W183a
  • Description: Topics include “Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm Repair in Women: Considerations for Approach to Treatment and Device Selection” and “Is Aortic Neck Dilatation Present and Relevant in F/BEVAR”.

Role of Open Aortic Surgery in 2024

  • Date: 6/21/24 @ 3:30 pm
  • Location: West Building, Level 1, W183a
  • Description: This session will discuss the role of open aortic surgery in the era of advanced endovascular aortic repair and present algorithms to help plan successful open aortic operations.

The upcoming VAM24 conference will feature a comprehensive discussion on aortic disease, highlighting the latest advancements in vascular surgery and care. This event promises to be both informative and engaging, providing attendees with valuable insights and knowledge. We are excited to attend and look forward to seeing you there!

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