Select Immunization Guidelines and Schedules for All Ages in Clinical Practice

August is National Immunization Awareness Month! 

Emphasizing the value and importance of vaccinations, August National Immunization Awareness Month highlights the goal of immunization for disease prevention for all ages!

Prevent serious diseases with the latest immunization guidelines and schedules listed below!


CDC Childhood and Adolescent Immunization Schedule: United States, 2022

The updated 2022 Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedule provides the recommended immunization schedule for children and adolescents 18 years of age and under. Additionally this resource provides a catch-up immunization schedule as well as immunization recommendations for certain medical conditions. 

CDC Adult Immunization Schedule 2022

The updated 2022 Adult Immunization Schedule provides recommended immunizations for adults 19 years of age and older, as well as recommendations by medical condition. 

AAN Vaccine-Preventable Infections and Immunizations in Multiple Sclerosis

Focused on preventative screenings and providing evidence-based information on the interactions between vaccines and MS, this guideline provides vaccination and pre-treatment disease screening recommendations for patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

IDSA Vaccination of the Immunocompromised Host

Providing recommendations for those at higher risk for vaccine-preventable diseases, this guideline discusses the appropriate vaccines for immunocompromised patients. Additionally, this guideline provides travel vaccination recommendations as well as recommendations for vaccinations for the close contacts of immunocompromised patients.

CDC Vaccinating Kidney Dialysis Patients and Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

This guideline provides recommendations for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease and those on hemodialysis, including recommendations for Hepatitis B, Influenza, and Pneumococcal vaccinations.

ASCO Cervical Cancer Prevention

Targeting the primary prevention of HPV as a cause of cervical cancer, this guideline provides recommendations for HPV vaccination starting as early as age 9, and provides stratified treatment approach recommendations for all types of medical resource environments.

ACAAI/AAAAI Administration of Influenza Vaccines to Egg Allergic Recipients

Providing recommendations for the administration, precautions, and monitoring of the flu vaccines administered to patients with an egg allergy, this guideline provides updated recommendations for egg allergy patients receiving the influenza vaccine.

IDSA Update on Diagnosis, Treatment, Chemoprophylaxis, and Institutional Outbreak Management of Seasonal Influenza

Recommending annual vaccination as the best method for preventing and mitigating the impact of influenza, this guideline discusses the vaccination recommendations, treatment options, and outbreak management against the Influenza virus. 

Hepatitis B Vaccination, Screening, and Linkage to Care

Focused on the screening of high risk patients and the vaccination of all unvaccinated patients at risk for infection, this guideline provides recommendations for the immunization against Hepatitis B and management for those with positive Hepatitis B serology.


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